HealthConnect 24×7 is a telemedicine provider that handles primary and non-emergency cases. Your enrollees get access to unlimited medical consultations via video call/voice call through our toll-free number. Unlike other telemedicine providers, your enrollees do not need to book appointments ahead to speak with a doctor on Health Connect 24×7, our doctors are available. Thereby, providing your enrollees with quality healthcare at their convenience and help you cut out hospital consultation fee thus helping your HMO save money.

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Benefits of Using Health Connect 24×7 for your HMO


Including telemedicine in your HMO plans will help you attract new enrollees who are looking to get access to quality healthcare without visiting the hospital.

reduced enrollee visit to your hospital providers

Research has shown that 70% of enrollees going to the provider are there for primary and non-emergency cases which can be handled by us.

we can help refer your enrollees to specialist/diagnostic network

Your HMO’s referrals to both specialist and diagnostic network can easily be handled by HealthConnect 24×7.

save money by reducing operating cost

We help you save money by reducing the consultancy fee you would have paid to healthcare centers for attending to primary and non-emergency cases.

retain Enrollees On your hmo through vas

HealthConnect 24×7’s solution adds value to your HMO’s service. This will help you retain your enrollees for a much longer period.

reduced calls for non-emergency cases to your hmo call center

We handle primary and non-emergency cases only. Therefore, there will be a reduction of calls to your contact centre.

How HealthConnect 24×7 Works

Save time and money by speaking to a doctor for free from the comfort of your home or office. HealthConnect 24×7 connects you with highly qualified medical doctors to help you deal with health conditions quickly and reliably. It is like having a personal doctor in your pocket. Download to get started today.


Frequently asked questions

Can HealthConnect 24×7 really help us save money?

  1. Yes, Health Connect 24×7 helps HMOs save money because we do the consultation for non-emergency and primary cases for your enrollees. So, the outrageous consultation fee you usually pay providers will be cut off, thus saving money for the HMO.

How much does your solution cost?

We cannot give a definite cost because we need to know the number of lives you are subscribing. The more lives, the less you pay.

What of those who cannot use the mobile app?

For those who do not have a smart phone/cannot use the mobile App, you may reach Health Connect 247 by voice call through our toll-free number 08000-HEALTH/08000432584.

Is there a discount if we sign up ALL our enrollees?

Yes, the more lives you sign on, the less you pay.

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