Convenient & Safe Medical Care for Your Employees.

HealthConnect 24×7 is a telemedicine provider that handles primary and non-emergency cases. Your employees get access to unlimited medical consultations via video call/voice call through our toll-free number.

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Benefits of Using Health Connect 24×7 for your Organization

Keep Your Employees Healthy and Productive

Healthy employees are the most productive. With highly trained and licensed medical doctors available at Health Connect 24×7, your employees can get swift diagnosis and medication for their health symptoms without having to leave the office.

Access to Safe Healthcare in Case of a Pandemic

With Telemedicine service, your employees can speak with a doctor without having to make a trip to the hospital or risk contracting in case of a pandemic.​

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Access to healthcare is a major incentive for retaining employees. Healthier employees have increased job satisfaction level. Health Connect 24×7 Telemedicine ensures that your employees have access to medical doctors 24/7.

Reduce Sick Leave and Absenteeism at Work

Your employees will no longer need to stay away from work due to delayed care at the hospital or take a leave from work just to see a doctor.​

A Great Addition to Your Employees Benefits Package

By including telemedicine as part of your Healthcare Benefits package, your organization will be able to stay competitive and attract top talents with a robust benefits package.

Your Employees Data are Secure

All your employees data is safe with us. We take the protection of our patients data seriously. We use the most secure EMR software in the world.​

How HealthConnect 24×7 Works

Save time and money by speaking to a doctor for free from the comfort of your home or office. HealthConnect 24×7 connects you with highly qualified medical doctors to help you deal with health conditions quickly and reliably. It is like having a personal doctor in your pocket. Download to get started today.


Frequently asked questions

How much does your solution cost?

We cannot give a definite cost because we need to know the number of lives you are subscribing. The more lives, the less you pay.

What of those who cannot use the mobile app?

For those who do not have a smart phone/cannot use the mobile App, you may reach Health Connect 247 by voice call through our toll-free number 08000-HEALTH/08000432584.

Is there a discount if we sign up ALL our enrollees?

Yes, the more lives you sign on, the less you pay.

Some of our clients​

We have worked with some of the biggest companies and HMOs in Nigeria. We’d like to add you to that long list

Your Organization Needs Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare service delivery. Join the list of companies and HMOs that trust us with their enrollees and employees.


Are you looking to unlock a new stream of revenue as well cut down operational costs for your business. Then this webinar is for you
Are you looking to unlock a new stream of revenue as well cut down operational costs for your business. Then this webinar is for you
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