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Health Connect 24×7 is a leading telemedicine provider that combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health technologies to provide patients with 24/7 access to highly trained and experienced doctors, clinical psychologists, wellness experts and care coordinators.

We use the latest technology and evidence-based practices to ensure that you get the best care possible.With our comprehensive services, you can enjoy all the benefits of healthcare without the stress and hassle of traditional care Our team of experienced and knowledgeable providers is dedicated to providing quality care with a personalized touch. We also offer virtual visits and phone consultations, so you can access our services from the comfort of your own home.

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    Medical services can be really expensive, but not anymore! Healthconnect offers affordable, accessible and quality access to instant and expert medical assistance, helping people live better lives.

    Other benefits include:

    Instant Appointment Scheduling & Booking

    Booking an appointment is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply dial the toll-free line, and you can get connected to a doctor in minutes.

    Quality healthcare, without the cost

    Our services ensure that your health doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. No matter how much you earn or what resources you have, you can save money and live well with Healthconnect.

    Hassle-free and speedy diagnosis

    We’ve got top-notch and cutting-edge remote health monitoring services and MedTech that help us diagnose your ailment in minutes.

    Save Time

    You can avoid queues and long wait times so there's no need to worry about delayed service response times.

    Flexible packages and plans to suit your needs

    Don't let your condition or ailment hold you back. With our expert medical consultations, quality service, and flexible packages, we'll help you get back to full productivity as soon as possible.

    Safety Guaranteed

    Healthconnect takes the safety ‌of our patients and their data seriously. We offer expert service at all times and have taken every precaution to ensure your medical data is safe and secure.


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    Why Our Customers Choose Us

    Truly amazing service. Diagnosis and treatment was on point

    Pretty efficient service delivery. Truly impressed

    Truly amazing service. Diagnosis and treatment was on point

    Truly amazing service. Diagnosis and treatment was on point

    Truly amazing service. Diagnosis and treatment was on point

    Truly amazing service. Diagnosis and treatment was on point


    Telemedicine is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to provide health care services remotely. Telemedicine can include a variety of services, such as video visits with a doctor, remote monitoring of vital signs, and even remote surgery.
    Telemedicine can benefit anyone who needs medical care but is unable to visit a doctor’s office in person. This could include people who live in rural or remote areas, people with mobility issues, people with busy schedules, and people who are unable to take time off work for an appointment. Telemedicine can also benefit people who may have difficulty accessing traditional medical care, such as those who lack health insurance or who cannot afford the cost of a doctor’s visit.
    Telemedicine can be used to provide a variety of medical services, such as diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, monitoring of vital signs, prescriptions, and even remote surgery. It can also be used to provide mental health services, such as counseling and therapy, as well as to provide education and advice about health topics.
    Telemedicine is generally considered safe, although there are some risks associated with the transmission of sensitive medical information over the internet. To reduce these risks, health care providers should use secure systems and encrypt data when possible.
    The cost of telemedicine varies depending on the type of services being provided, the provider, and the patient’s insurance plan. In many cases, telemedicine services are covered by health insurance plans, but patients should check with their provider to determine the cost.