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How to overcome your depression or anxiety?

Are you like this woman feeling unhappy at all times?

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Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? It’s time to show up for yourself and start caring.⁣

It’s okay ...
to ask for help. Speak up, be heard, and take a step towards better wellbeing.⁣

Are you feeling sad or empty?
Are you feeling a loss of interest or pleasure in any activity?
Has your appetite suddenly changed with weight loss or weight gain?
Has your sleeping decreased or increased?
Are you feeling a sort of fatigue or loss of energy?
Are you feeling worthless or guilty?
Are you being either agitated or slowed down?
Do you experience difficulty in your thinking or concentration?
Do you feel recurrent thoughts of death or suicide?
Are you wracked with feelings of hopelessness?
How long do your negative feelings last?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions... Reaching out is easier than it seems. One call ☎️ or visit ⬅️ could change your life.

You can reach and directly talk to a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST for as low as #300 a month as TRIAL NI O...

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