Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for Students.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for Students.


Here’s what you get with the student plan

Unlimited access to doctors 24/7

Get immediate and unlimited access to qualified medical professionals as many times a month as you need to.

Access to mental health practitioners

Talk to a mental health practitioner as many times as you need to in a month.

Toll Free Calls

Seek medical help without worrying about exhausting your airtime or data, talk to our doctors via our toll-free lines: 08000432584

10% off prescribed medications

We have partnered with top pharmacies in the country to get you 10% discount on all your prescribed medications 

Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

Signing up for our student plan is quick and easy. Simply choose a plan that fits your needs, fill out a brief registration form, pay for your subscription, and start enjoying the benefits of convenient and accessible healthcare. 

What Other Students are Saying?

It was super easy to speak to a doctor, I totally enjoyed using it

It wasn’t too different from using the health center, I talked to a doctor and got medications, so it was good. Only difference is that I couldn’t see the doctor and I could talk to them from my hostel

It was very easy to speak to a doctor, if I had to use the school health center, I would have had to go very early. This was very convenient

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  • Access to doctors 24/7
  • Access to a mental health practitioners
  • 10% on all your prescribed medications
  • Enjoy privacy on all your consultations
  • Regular follow ups
  • Toll Free Calls