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Pregnant African Women Doctor Video Call On Laptop At Home

Telemedicine for Women: How It Can Help You

Telemedicine: The Future of Health for Women Telemedicine is the future of health for women. Using technology to connect patients with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, telemedicine can provide critical care and preventive services in remote locations. This could mean a decreased need

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How Telemedicine Helps in Expanding Young People’s Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine plays a crucial role in improving access to quality healthcare in Nigeria by making up for the deficit in healthcare professionals, removing long transit and waiting time in the few available health facilities. But despite the prospects of telemedicine in Nigeria, many—including the

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How Telemedicine Helps in Sexual and Reproductive Health

The discourse on how telemedicine helps in sexual and reproductive health arises because women are affected by sexually transmissible infections (STIs), ectopic pregnancy, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and other conditions. However, due to confidentiality and privacy, cost, limited transport, and other concerns, they are

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