Get Access to Affordable Online Healthcare in Nigeria

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do you need an online Health connect 24x7 doctor?

Toll-free Access to medical consultation

Consult a doctor or medical expert as many times as you wish

Available 24/7

Access to a doctor and wellness expert at any time at no cost

Talk to our doctors online in any Nigerian native language

Access to healthcare in any of the indigenous languages

Your Personal

Doctor in your Pocket

As part of our Hospital at Home® Program, your vital signs can be monitored using IoT-enabled medical devices, wearables (Fitbit, Apple watch), etc

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Access to care for everybody

You can speak to a doctor, psychologist and wellness expert via audio and video call options

Unlimited Toll-Free Calls

You can speak to a doctor as many times as you wish without spending airtime

Speak to a Doctor Immediately

You can speak to a doctor via the in-app video option at any time

Access to Wellness Programs

You can consult with a clinical psychologist for all mental health issues including depression, anxiety, suicidal tendency, panic attack and lots more.

Speak with a Pschologist

Counselling for your mental health, wellness and psychological wellbeing

Customised Meal Plans

We provide training for employees to promote mental wellness and productivity



I have used the HealthConnect 24x7 platform and I must say it is very effective, saves me from too many hospital visits. The consultation is thorough and the follow up service is wow!


We are currently satisfied with your services, and we are getting good feedback from our enrollees on the convenience this service is giving them and so we will be adding more enrollees to your database


Needed to see a doctor a couple of days ago, but I was sceptical about going to the hospital this period, contacted health connect and I must say they gave got great customer service. I was really really surprised.


The HealthConnect app has made being a new mother very easy. I speak to the Doctor even in the middle of the night.


I called HealthConnect to get a second opinion on a personal issue i have been facing. I got the exact same diagnosis as I got from the hospital, but paid only a fraction of cost!


I would like to commend HealthConnect 24x7 for a job well done all through the years. Most especially rending 24x7 access to a doctor for our staff and helping us with preventive healthcare.

Nicole Ekwunife

Head, Retail Retention Hygeia HMO

Dr. Frank Ekhalufo,

Head of Medical Operations, Hallmark HMO

Adeola K

Fashion designer

Funke B

Nursing Mother

Rabiu S.


Aik Alenkhe

CHRO, Eko Electricity Distribution PLC

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Health Connect 24x7 App on Android and iOS

Get 24/7 access to doctors and care coordinators from anywhere in the world via our bi-directional, integrated and interactive mobile application.

Are you looking to unlock a new stream of revenue as well cut down operational costs for your business. Then this webinar is for you
Are you looking to unlock a new stream of revenue as well cut down operational costs for your business. Then this webinar is for you
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