Supporting Government's efforts for access to quality and affordable healthcare


To Governments

Administrative Ease

Reduce the cost and burden of administration and personnel

Available 24/7

Access to a doctor and wellness expert at any time at no cost

Native Languages

Access to healthcare in any of the indigenous languages

Trackable Impact

Robust monitoring and reporting at all levels of service delivery

Universal Healthcare

Primary healthcare coverage for citizens in line with UN SDG-3

Dedicated Toll-free Line

Customized toll-free line to provide virtual consultations and support


Active Users


Multinational Corporate Clients


Medical Consultations Managed In-house


Features of our teleconsultation solution

24/7 Access to Doctors

24/7 access to medical doctors, and wellness experts from anywhere via the toll-free line: 08000HEALTH

Mental Health Support

Manage conditions such as depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, drug abuse and addiction

White-labelled Mobile Application

Customizable, integrated mobile application with telemonitoring features

Drug Prescription and Management

Get doctor’s prescription to avoid side-effects, drug abuse and overdose

Virtual Clinics

Vitual Clinic(Container) Model


Each virtual clinic booth is retrofitted with teleconsultation tablets, integrated iOT medical devices for reading vital signs to enable the doctor access data …. See More

Vitual Clinic(Container) Model


This model of the virtual clinic is designed to function as a clinic outdoors. It comes retrofitted with teleconsultation tablets and solar technology  …. See More

Teleconsultation Stand


The Stand comes in variety of shapes and sizes with pockets for integrated medical devices, wellness materials and a teleconsultation tablet  …. See More

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