Powering Health Inclusion for Underserved Communities

Key Alarming Facts


Doctor to Patient ratio in Nigeria. WHO recommends a Doctor to Patient ratio of 1:600


The percentage of Nigerians in rural areas, however, 87% of Doctors are in urban areas

3 Hours

The average time a Nigerian waits  before seeing a Doctor


Nigeria’s rank in terms of quality and access to healthcare.

What We Offer

Prescription Administration

Dispensing of prescribed drugs and refills to members of the community by medical experts

Medical Outreach

Medical and welfare outreach programmes for communities with poor access to primary care

Indigenous Language Consultations

Consultations and support in any of the major indigenous languages

Trackable Impact

Robust measuring and reporting of services offered to communities

Universal Healthcare

Primary healthcare coverage for citizens of a community in line with UN SDG-3

Population Sensitization

Health talks and education for communities about health and services available

Virtual Clinics

Vitual Clinic(Container) Model

Each virtual clinic booth is retrofitted with teleconsultation tablets, integrated iOT medical devices for reading vital signs to enable the doctor access data …. See More

Vitual Clinic(Container) Model

This model of the virtual clinic is designed to function as a clinic outdoors. It comes retrofitted with teleconsultation tablets and solar technology  …. See More

Teleconsultation Stand

The Stand comes in variety of shapes and sizes with pockets for integrated medical devices, wellness materials and a teleconsultation tablet  …. See More

Case Studies​

Reports generated from previous medical outreaches and corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in partnership with

 private, government and non-governmental bodies


Some images of  previous CSR projects and medical outreaches

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