A Nigerian’s 5-Step Process to Attaining Fitness Success


Research has shown that keeping fit is a healthy way of living and it is highly advised that we stay fit and healthy. But some find it difficult to achieve this due to many factors but we are going to go through five steps to attain fitness success.

Step 1: Exercise daily

Many people in this part of the world (Nigeria) have the mentality that for them to do exercise or when they are asked to keep fit, they necessarily have to go to the gym to register for a period of time, so they end up giving excuses for not having money because the economy is bad.

Forget about money, you can engage in various forms of exercise like jogging, walking, doing pushups and sit-ups in your respective homes without paying a dime

Step 2: Get rid of junk foods

Avoiding junk foods is a good step in the right direction if you want to stay fit. I understand that you have gotten used to those junk foods but if there is a will, there is a way.

You have to reduce calorie consumption by reducing sugary drinks, drink more water instead, reducing “starchy “foods, and focus on fiber-rich carbohydrates.

Step 3: Eat healthily

If you eat right, you will stay healthy and fit. Mind you, eating right has nothing to do with the size of the food, eating healthy entails having a balanced diet where vegetables and fruit are incorporated.

Vegetables and fruits you should look out for in the markets include carrot, apples, watermelon, broccoli, spinach, ugwu, and efo.

Also high protein foods like chicken, fish, legumes, soybeans. Foods high in fiber like black beans, green peas, pear are also advised to be consumed.

Step 4: Know when to eat

Eat when you are supposed to eat and don’t eat when you are hungry, don’t eat breakfast by 1 pm. Many of us skip breakfast intentionally and some forget because they are engrossed with their work. None of these reasons is cogent.

Skipping breakfast is not a good practice because the enzymes in our bodies need to act on those foods. if you skip breakfast, those enzymes will start to act on your stomach wall which is inimical to your health. Ulcer could be the end result of such action

Take your lunch at the right time too. Your dinner should be light and the right time, don’t eat eba or fufu by 10 pm. It is wrong and you can’t attain fitness success by doing such.

Step 5: Set goals and reward yourself

We all know the importance of setting up goals in our daily lives. It is in public knowledge that people tend to achieve a greater part of their aspirations if they register it somewhere and work towards it. Same is applicable in keeping fit.

You can decide that you would want to exercise for 40 min every day, run away when you see junks coming your way etc.

When you do this over a period of time, you can reward yourself for a job well done by taking yourself out, going for a massage, or a movie.

Now what?

Reading this piece is one thing, practicing what you read is another. Like I enumerated above, these steps will help you reach your fitness goals if you put in the work.

Stay fit!!

Stay healthy!!

Live long!!

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