Top Tips For A Healthy Holiday Abroad


Going abroad for your holiday can and should be an amazing experience but, it also poses its fair share of risks. Your body may not be used to the different food, water and weather which can make you sick. This means that you must plan and prepare for your vacation if you want it to be a sick free one.

Please watch the video below for health tips to help you plan for your trip. If practiced, these tips can significantly reduce your chances of falling sick on your holiday abroad.

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A Recap of The Video

  • Make sure you have received all the required immunizations and medications.
  • Eat only well-cooked food and avoid anything raw. Improperly cooked food can host parasites and bacteria that can leave you ill.
  • Unclean water can make you sick. Which is why you should drink only sealed, bottled water from a reputable brand.
  • Take a hand sanitizer and insect repellent on your trip to protect you against germs, mosquitoes and other harmful insects.
  • Have proper sun protection and pack the right items in your travel first aid kit.


Prevention they say is better than a cure. Proper pre-travel medical advice means not falling sick. It also means having more time to relax and enjoy yourself while on holiday.

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