How Telemedicine Helps to Improve Preventive Healthcare


Many diseases out there have devastating long-term effects on your health if left unchecked. However, even when you detect these illnesses early, the chances of successfully managing or treating them are not exactly perfect. This is where preventive healthcare comes into play.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into what exactly is preventive healthcare, and how telemedicine is beneficial in this regard.

What is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive healthcare involves measures we take to prevent any disease. It encompasses the use of any medical service or precautionary measures that fight against the rise of a health condition.

Our health is affected by a lot of factors including genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle, food habits, disease agents, and lots more. Hence, it is equally important to check on your health regularly even when you seem perfectly “healthy”.

Benefits of Using Telemedicine for Preventive Care

Here are six ways on how telemedicine helps to improve preventive healthcare:

1. Early Diagnosis

Instead of waiting until your condition is severe, you can utilize telemedicine services to detect complications from the start and prevent their progression. In essence, early diagnosis leads to early treatment.

2. Convenience

Booking medical appointments, journeying to a hospital and waiting for several hours before consultation are some of the stressful things you will encounter with traditional healthcare.

Thankfully, telemedicine eliminates these stumbling blocks to preventive healthcare.

3. Pay Less Over Time

Leveraging telemedicine for preventive healthcare can save you money by reducing the out-of-pocket cost and the long-term cost of disease management by catching them early. So, do not wait for your medical bills to skyrocket before you seek medical help.

4. Ease of Access

One of the reasons many of us take to self-medication is due to the inaccessibility of healthcare facilities. However, with telemedicine, we no longer have to worry about such challenges.

Now, you have round-the-clock access to medical experts, from anywhere in the world. This makes preventive healthcare much more practicable.

5. Enhanced Productivity

Telemedicine enables you to easily access quality preventive healthcare. This, in turn, will ensure you nip diseases in the bud and also remain productive in your career or business.

6. Easy Adoption of Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Having a doctor or psychologist on speed dial, who you can consult even in the middle of the night will help take your medications correctly, prevent drug relapse and also adopt healthier lifestyle choices to enhance your immunity against diseases.


All in all, it is important that you do not wait until you come down with a disease before you seek medical help. It is much easier to prevent the disease than treating it. 

Meanwhile, now that you know how telemedicine helps to improve preventive healthcare, would you like to begin your preventive healthcare journey from the comfort of your home or workplace? Call 08000HEALTH (08000432584) toll-free to get started!

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