Why it’s necessary to monitor your mental health in Nigeria?


Why it’s important to check in on your mental health

Cognition isn’t always accorded the same regard as physical illness. Unsurprisingly, feeling unwell mentally or emotionally is as valid as being ill physically. While it is true that ignoring one’s mental state does not necessarily make you feel better—and can actually have detrimental effects on all aspects of a person’s life—this needn’t be the case.The cure lies in providing the mental health treatment that may be necessary.

Mental health affects people’s lives in different ways. What are some of the issues and how does mental health affect your life?

Your mental health dictates the quality of life. It supports you in overcoming negative life causing circumstances and learning to bounce back from adversity. Changes in the way you feel will affect your mood, frame of mind, and how you bond with other people around you. If your beliefs begin to affect your life, it may be a sign that you are struggling with a mental illness. In general, poor mental health leads to a negative impact on physical health conditions. Individuals with diagnosed disorders can even risk dying earlier than expected. Simply having that certain diagnosis can even shorten your life expectancy.

What are the main causes of mental health problems?

Scientists believe genetics can make you more vulnerable to mental illness. However, what is not written in your genes may be the determining factor in what happens to them. Your environment can influence how your genes are turned on or off. The most obvious case of this is the effect your childhood and adult experiences have on you. If you have been abused, neglected, or discriminated against, it can contribute to major depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Abuse, discrimination, and harassment in one’s adult years also contribute to psychiatric disorders. Beyond your environment, physical issues or defects within the brain can contribute to psychiatric disorders. Research has demonstrated changes in the limbic system, temporal gyrus, and frontal cortex of the brain are associated with MDD.A connection between gut health and mental illness has also been explored in recent studies. Scientists have established that the brain itself is largely made of chemicals, some of which are secreted by certain cells within your digestive tract, have discovered a direct connection between your gut bacteria and some parts of your brain, and that these long-living microorganisms can directly affect brain functioning by giving neurotransmitters a boost. Therefore, many mental health conditions appear to originate from the gut, and identifying and managing this connection is proving essential for scientific and public health. Clearly, there’s much more to discover in this arena, including the precise contribution that the gut

What are the signs of mental health issues that should prompt you to seek help?

To be maintained or improved, it’s imperative to seek additional support when you’re dealing with mental health struggles. Some people, nonetheless, are able to manage their disorders without more support. Dealing with conditions like these may include: If desired, choose two of the strategies

Thoughts of harming or killing yourself, any decisions to hurt or kill yourself or others behaviours causing problems in your personal or professional life Unpleasant or obsessive thoughts Selective worry, anxiety, or agitation Having trouble concentrating Unpredictable or shocking thoughts Having problems with thoughts About ultimatums Unpredictable or extreme mood

What is mental health and how can you achieve it?

Mental health is not always happily depends on levels of happiness. In idea, everyone will experience emotional up and downs. If you are able to handle these fluctuations, you can weather them through with as they have there request. Despite feelings of anxiety and stress, you will still be able to function and eventually bring yourself back to a neutral or positive feeling. Working to maintain relationships is also a positive indicator of mental health. Forming and maintaining personal bonds is challenging when you are feeling mental health issues. No relationship is perfect, but engaging socially if you are introvert or extrovert, that’s a good sign. Facilitating relationships with others who display moods and emotional instability is a tall challenge, but accomplishing the daily tasks you need to achieve is a marker of health.

How can I make myself healthier?

Emotions, just like those feelings of guilt or guiltiness, feelings of anger or anger, may seem like they live their own life. After all, they are powerful. However, sharing that “feeling,” being conscious of that identity, may be a less powerful. Store this as necessary. Let’s spend the time creating

What are the most common mental health disorders?

Symptoms of depression, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) top the list of the most common mental-health problems in Nigeria. These conditions are often referred to as anxiety disorders because they are characterized by excessive worry, anxiety, or fear. A poll conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic showed 19 percent of Nigerians experienced mood or anxiety disorders that caused significant distress, or made life difficult for them.

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