How to improve your attitude as the week begins


How to boost your mood on a new week.

Mondays tend to be the least enjoyable of all the days. The weekend is over, the email count keeps rising, and you are so close to your two days off. But one Monday that seems even worse – the day after the last day off – is the so-called “Blue Monday.”

This year it will fall on January 17th, and as always, January 20th is known as Blue Monday. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the recession, and social distancing, the rest of us may be even more conscious of this day.

Check out why the day following Black Friday has been held in place of ‘Blue Monday’ as the saddest day of the year. Learn that you can prevent it from being part of your holiday blues.

What is the Blue Monday to start the week? And why are people consider Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year?

Being the Second Monday of the month isn’t likely to be the most depressing day of the month, as the theory says, but we do know there is little to nothing to support the theory.

The name Blue Monday was part of a marketing strategy mixed in with 2007, a year in which the British public tried to postpone another ruinous summer of heat and throngs at the beach.

The theory is that human lives occur between feast and famine, and when it’s hot and fun, and the weather is fair and sunny, often vacations, trips, and time at the beach or on a cruise ship, and people feel good, happy, and en-joy-able most of the time. These positive vibes make it less likely that they will be thinking about feeling down and sad – they’

That’s why spending too much money over the holidays really hits home. Christmas is great because you’re surrounded by friends and family. Apparently, those amazing goodwill gestures have a huge price that you need to pay. As you make the bills, you imagine exactly what you’ll have to splurge on next year and aren’t invited to emaile unless your expenditure amounts to $0.

An unfortunate new year can lead to feelings that you didn’t follow through on your resolutions. What seemed promising heading into January can now seem demoralizing, and the feelings can weigh on your overall motivation. Even though you shouldn’t feel this way about a new year’s resolution, it can make you feel pretty poorly about yourself.

Can it impact my mental health?

The whole holiday season is filled with anxiety and depression, as the pressure to announce New Year’s resolutions keeps mounting. Get a jump start on the new year this January 27th we talked about the stress of negative holidays.

On the other side of the season bridge, there are the cold, long, and darker days, which can also affect one’s mental health. Effects often associated with winter weather, like the “winter blues,” should not be disregarded and blindly attributed to just the winter weather.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of recurring depression that takes place around the winter seasons and is specifically linked to reduced sunlight. This can cause chemical imbalances in the brain that may cause symptoms like sleeplessness, low concentration, the inability to concentrate, suicidal thoughts, feelings of crankiness or slow movements, and malaise. Some of the overlapping symptoms are oversleeping, fatigue, decreased libido/sexual interest, thoughts of suicide, and difficulty or pain with concentrating and focusing.

About two to three percent of Canadians will experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during at least one season of the year, which causes unhappyness. Another 15% feel some minor symptoms of SAD that do not bring them to a state of depression. Some groups of people are at risk of SAD, such as adults, women, and those living in more northern countries or cities. Seways’s creative writing Course is côdesigned to be very accessible for students who are either just starting out with creative

If you think you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD*, not SAD), it should be investigated with your doctor. A natural light therapy approach is discussed with your doctor, including when to wake and set your alarm. Some people are also prescribed antidepressants to address SAD.

There are types of light therapy boxes under development that Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation seeks to commercialize. The technology consists of a device for reading physiological parameters akin to a paperless IVR (interactive voice recognition) for automated light distribution.

If you are suffering from symptoms like anxiety, sadness or low mood, antidepressants might be needed to treat these problems since doing so can improve your mood and other symptoms. Someone with a mental health doctor can talk with you to see if an antidepressant is right for your problems.

Different ways to beat the winter blues

Even though Slowdown Monday is quickly approaching, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel better by adhering to the recommendations for boosterism and goodwill. Here are several recommendations for holiday cheer.

1. Surround yourself with the people you love. Maybe you want to go get a cup of coffee or lunch or create some magical co-workers time with your friends.

According to Heliyon, a Blue Monday might be a time to curl up under a blanket with a glass of wine and scroll through my Instagram. If you find yourself in trouble, try and get moving in some active activity. Talk to family and friends or just try some new hobbies.

You can talk to a therapist online if you think you are having panic attacks. Drawing on credible evidence, experts recommend online therapy over in-person sessions because you can remains isolated or far away from other people. If you have panic attacks, you can seek help anytime by talking first to your physician and then getting a referral to a therapist.

Meditating is like taking a run for the mind. Meditation is like exercise for your mind. It strengthens mental muscles that help keep you calm and focused. Ideally, you should experience an uninterrupted mind for 1 to 2 hours. And while one meditation session does not cure all, it is a great way to experience peace with your mind.

Exercise triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, which in turn boosts your mood. The exercise can be facial, yoga, or gym; however, soon you will be hooked on this activity, getting some exercise becomes an important part of your daily life.

How to deal with the Monday morning blues

The more weeks we have of “regular” mondays, the more we have of low-key mondays on the anniversary days of the week; consequently, the more horrible mondays we have. (The Blue Monday phenomenon.) If you wake up on Monday mornings with dread that comes with dozens of “regular” Mondays each week, you are not alone

The Monday morning blues are rarely dreamt of in other age groups, but per the statistics on millennials – those between the ages of 18 and 29 – suicidal intentions rise the most on Mondays. For these age groups, it is suggested that the cause and impact of the Monday blues can be mitigated by using evidence-based practices and creative strategies for promoting

Whether it’s struggling with the daily routine of school, work, or even just worrying about whether or not you can get through a whole week of that makes Monday mornings more troublesome. Whenever you need a boost throw Donkey Monday on.

Early to bed grants you a good night’s sleep on the days afterward. Avoiding a midday nap, using low lights, and not watching television or using your cell phone in the bedroom further enhances your chances to rest well on these following days. Falling asleep early on Sunday nights requires substantially more effort than other nights of the week, due to your non-work experience. If you find yourself having difficulty getting to sleep early on Sunday nights, avoid napping in the afternoon or evening, use low lighting as you prepare for bed, and try not to

Laughing is often added on to the end of Monday. While most people do not laugh in the midst of their Monday nightmare, sitting back and allowing jokes to sail through the night may make some feel a bit better about the whole thing. Of course, alcohol or drugs can take hope away, too. Talk with your funniest friend for some personal jokes, or watch a good stand-up special on Netflix. I believe everybody needs a bit of a chuckle from time to time or cross your eyes with a glint in your eye for truth.

At the beginning of the week, make a list of things for which you’re happy and motivated. Even though your list can include weekends and nights, they can still help motivate you at work the following week.

Much has been said about the wondrous benefits of vitamin D, but there are myriad ways to get a healthy dose. A few ways to boost your intake include going for a walk with your pet, taking a midday excursion to where it’s sunny, and (depending on your concerns) choosing to go “vitamin D” rather than “vitamin A,

Do not overdo things. If you’re trying to schedule a full day of work, going to the gym, preparing for dinner, and then planning on completing a gourmet meal, play it in smaller chunks. Stretch your schedule to keep you on track by working out for a smaller period of time and choosing a simpler recipe to complete that evening.

What can I do to look after my mental health?

While Blue Monday was a marketing gimmick, feeling blue during the beginning of the year can adversely affect a person’s mental health no matter what day of the year it is.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go see a psychologist, say people maintaining steady relationships with loved ones. These common symptoms to watch out for include obsessing over everything from art to a lover, struggling with low moods, dramatic changes in your sex drive, or concentration problems, wine binging and slimming programs.

Sometimes, symptoms are visible. Maybe you aren’t experiencing any data above, but you simply want someone outside of your circle to talk about stressful changes in your life and work, relationships, and family. There’s help for that.

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