Why Telemedicine can be beneficial for employees health?


The Benefits of Telemedicine for Employees Health

Many people were accustomed to visiting their doctors via telemedicine during the pandemic. Through online video/voice call and with an instant chat, patients can communicate with their doctors immediately in this configuration. They can still get medical advice even if they are unable to leave their house.

The use of telemedicine in the workplace can be quite advantageous. It can make it easier for workers to get medical attention when they need it or at odd hours when most clinics are closed. The benefits that follow are additional.

Increase Clinic on-Site Capabilities

Access to telemedicine can be beneficial even in workplaces big enough to warrant an on-site clinic. Instead of doctors, on-site medical clinics typically employ nurses or paramedics.

If the on-site nurse or paramedic gets access to a doctor via telemedicine, they can broaden the scope of their therapy by drawing on the knowledge and power of their supervising doctor. Telemedicine can improve an on-site clinic’s capabilities in this way without costing extra for a full-time doctor.

Make medical care available to workers wherever they are. A medical clinic could not be built at some workplaces because they were too tiny or far away. Some businesses, however, use a telemedicine service to directly connect their employees to doctors. A physician can provide medical advise once the employee calls in to discuss their problem. The workers’ access to healthcare is made possible by this set up.

Handle wounds Appropriately

For a variety of accidents and illnesses, telemedicine can be an excellent substitute for an urgent care facility or emergency department. Sending an injured or ill employee to the closest emergency room is the standard procedure in several workplaces.

An employer is typically not invited to work with the patient and doctor at an emergency room to develop a thorough treatment plan. Opportunities for safe, conservative management can so frequently go unnoticed.

Excellent clinical outcomes can assist match with business objectives relating to recordability and wasted time. This is especially true if there is access to an on-site telemedicine approach that uses doctors skilled in injury care.

While preserving quality treatment and excellent results for the injured worker, a healthcare team with experience of occupational injury management can safely and efficiently reduce recordable injuries.

How Health Connect 24×7 is enhancing our users’ access to telemedicine services

Despite the fact that Health Connect 24×7 has long supplied health and safety staffing services, we are now implementing several new features. For instance, our telemedicine services traditionally prioritised clinic medical staff communicating with doctors. Employees will be able to speak with doctors directly thanks to our enhanced service.

Health Connect 24×7 has made further advancements in its capacity to safeguard the health and safety of your employees, including the expansion of its physician network and the addition of telemedicine reporting features.

Employees of employers have access to telemedicine, which enables you to consult a doctor without leaving your desk or home.

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