Consult your doctor immediately without visiting the hospital


Talk to a doctor right away without visiting the hospital

Are you looking for a telemedicine app that allows you to talk to doctors? Or a health manager app that will allow you to upload relevant documents, health records, and digital visit reports?
Meet HealthConnect247 which is a telemedicine app that allows you to consult with doctors live. Whether you need a symptoms checker, diagnosis consultation, or medical advice healthconnect247 is the only Dr app you need!

⚕️Features at a glance:

  • Live doctor on-demand platform & health manager
  • No need to schedule appointments with medical experts, talk to a doctor immediately
  • Up to any time doctor calls for health advice, medical tips,
  • Digital visit report inside the health manager (electronic medical report)
  • Video calls with doctors are available
  • Chat with a doctor anytime any day
  • Call a doctor with a toll-free line at 08000432584  (Call at any time without your airtime being charged)

🔎 Find specialist

Choose a doctor that suits your needs for live doctor consultation. Talk to a doctor instantly

📞Call a GP (24/7 Support)

Choose and connect to a doctor or clinical psychologist instantly. Connect to a doctor 24/7 on our secure app platform.

📂Health manager

Besides offering virtual doctor medical services and visits, healthconnect247 is also your health manager. See your health manager view doctor consultation reports from your previous doctor visits, as well as documents relevant to your health, prescriptions, and health insurance.

👍Trusted by patients

Over 30+ doctors, specialists, GP, md, medical experts, practitioners have helped thousands of patients by video dr on demand consultations and 93% of issues seen by our doctors can be treated at the first visit.

✅Try it out

Select a subscription and enter your enrollee ID. Still, hesitating to get a subscription? No worries! Register via the app and try your first doctor visit for FREE. Then you can subscribe and enjoy the benefits of healthconnect247 with Unlimted Calls.

Now it’s time to have a reliable app to help you with your health concerns.

Download one of the best telemedicine apps for you and your family.

👉Get healthconnect247 at an affordable price and:

● Have quick and easy access to a general practitioner (GP) doctor consultation via fully encrypted video call
● Enjoy unlimited consultations with a fixed monthly fee and no hidden costs
● Have your appointment anywhere in the world in your mother tongue
● Get an expert medical opinion
● Get advice on existing medication
● Get Prescriptions and referrals
● Get a prescription directly into the app
● Let your child see your doctor from home at any time in the day or night
● Store all your medical files in one place – safe and secure in the TeleDoc Health Manager

The medical conditions we manage;

– Acnes
– Allergies
– Anxiety
– Blood pressure
– Breathing problems
– Constipation
– Coughing
– Depression
– Dizziness
– Fever
– Flu
– Hand and foot pain
– Herpes
– Impotence
– Inflammation of eyes
– Insect bites
– Muscle pains
– Psoriasis
– Sporting injuries
– Sore throat
– Tightness in the throat
– Trapped nerves
– Other health inquiries

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