How HealthConnect 247 is Improving Access to Remote Healthcare in Nigeria

Without a doubt, Telemedicine is well on its way to becoming a mainstay in the Nigerian healthcare sector. With a large number of Nigerians feeling let down, frustrated and underwhelmed by traditional healthcare processes, telemedicine has become a very real and viable alternative to traditional health care delivery. This shift is anchored on the demand for convenient healthcare which reached new heights with the advent of a post-pandemic era. In the heat of the pandemic, the infantile remote healthcare structure in Nigeria had to mature overnight to meet the needs of a teeming population. Today we’re at the nexus of the growth of telemedicine in Nigeria.

As today’s patients face multiple challenges and barriers to accessing timely, quality, affordable and convenient healthcare, we’ve made serious strides in ensuring improved access to remote healthcare in Nigeria. Below are some ways HealthConnect 247 is reimagining and improving access to healthcare in Nigerian. 

What is HealthConnect 247?

HealthConnect 247 is Nigeria’s leading telemedicine service provider, combining home health and remote monitoring services to provide next-generation medical care to patients. The platform connects patients with healthcare professionals through video, phone, and chat calls.

Strides HealthConnect 24×7 Has Made in Improving Remote Healthcare in Nigeria


Seamless consultation experience via the HC24X7 app

The HC24X7 app provides one of the most unique, seamless and rewarding experiences for users. It’s a fully equipped platform where patients can connect with doctor’s almost in minutes  via live chat; where users can chat up doctors and get answers in real time, virtual video consultation; where users can have face-to-face sessions with our experts, and access to a toll-free line; which you can call for any health challenges anytime any day. 

One of the key benefits of using the HC24X7 app is that it allows patients to connect with their healthcare providers anytime, anywhere. This is particularly important in a country like Nigeria, where access to quality healthcare can be a challenge, especially in rural areas. With the HC24X7 app, patients no longer have to travel long distances to see a doctor or wait for hours in a crowded waiting room. They can simply open the app and connect with their healthcare provider through a video or audio call.

Overall, the HC24X7 app is a significant game changer in the Nigerian telemedicine space. By providing patients with a seamless consultation experience that is both convenient and secure, the app is helping to improve access to quality healthcare in Nigeria and making a positive impact on the lives of millions of people

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Traditionally, the cost of healthcare in Nigeria is pretty high. So much so that the World Health Organization announced that 6 in 10 Nigerians lack access to primary healthcare. Amazingly, with traditional healthcare, the ratio of doctors to Nigerians is approximately 1 doctor to every 40,000 citizens. These realities contribute to the neck-breaking cost of healthcare. What we’ve been able to do is make healthcare delivery lean and flexible, without mortgaging quality. We’ve been able to adapt our process with technology to reduce overhead cost, and effectively reduce the cost of quality healthcare by over 90%.

In essence, the cost of a single consultation with traditional healthcare delivery, could cover quality health consultation for a year with HealthConnect 24×7. Our prices are as low as #1,000 for a month’s subscription, and #4,500 for three months. To check a comprehensive list of our subscription plans you can click the link below.

See our subscription plans: HealthConnect 24×7 pricing and subscription plans

Improved Healthcare Outcomes

In Nigeria, we’ve recorded a number of fatalities and complications arising from delays in accessing healthcare. Our telemedicine service has significantly improved healthcare outcomes, ensuring that patients get instant and quality access to healthcare at the push of a button.

With our remote healthcare services, patients can receive medical attention quickly, which reduces the risk of their condition worsening and requiring expensive treatment. Additionally, healthcare professionals can monitor patients remotely, which improves patient outcomes. 

Dedicated Toll-free line

The introduction of a dedicated and entirely toll-free line has perhaps been the most noteworthy and widely used service we’ve introduced.  The toll-free line ensures that patients can easily connect with a healthcare provider at any time without incurring any extra charges. This simply means that with or without airtime, you can consult with a doctor and get the best primary health care and attention for your health.

The toll-free line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals who are available to provide medical advice, answer questions, and offer guidance on a range of health-related issues. This is particularly beneficial for patients who may have chronic medical issues or require immediate attention.

A key advantage of the toll-free line is its accessibility to patients regardless of their location, literacy level or financial status. Our experts offer medical consultation across the major languages spoken in Nigeria, including pidgin english. This is especially important in a country like Nigeria, where access to healthcare services is severely limited among low-income populations. By providing a toll-free line, we’ve ensured that patients can receive medical advice and support without worrying about incurring extra consultation cost.

Strong network of labs, hospitals and pharmacies for referral

Another significant stride we’ve taken to improve access to remote healthcare services is establishing a strong network of labs, hospitals, and pharmacies where we can refer emergency cases to. This network ensures that patients receive the appropriate medical care and treatment, regardless of their location or medical condition.

One of the key advantages of this network is that it allows us to provide our patients with a comprehensive range of healthcare services. Patients can access medical consultations, diagnostic tests, and specialist care through the network of labs, hospitals, and pharmacies. This is particularly beneficial for patients who may have complex medical conditions or require specialized care that cannot be provided through telemedicine.

Another advantage of this network is that it ensures that patients receive high-quality medical care. HealthConnect 24×7 has partnered with reputable labs, hospitals, and pharmacies that are staffed by qualified healthcare professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. As such, patients receive accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and the highest level of medical care possible.

We have established partnerships with medical facilities across Nigeria, including in remote and underserved areas. This means that patients can access medical care and treatment, even if they live in areas where healthcare services are limited.


HealthConnect 247 is making significant strides in improving access to remote healthcare in Nigeria through our telemedicine platform. The company’s efforts in improving healthcare outcomes, and expanding healthcare infrastructure is helping to ensure that more people in Nigeria have access to quality and hassle-free healthcare services. Overall, our  telemedicine platform is proving to be a game changer in the healthcare industry in Nigeria and is set to improve the lives of countless individuals and communities.

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