15 Practical Actions to Include in Your 2024 Health Plan or Routine.

Tochukwu Nathaniel

Millions of people would have set out to follow a 2024 health plan to improve their physical and mental health at the beginning of the year, but they’ll barely make it past the first week. In fact, according to InsideOutMastery, the top 3 New Year resolutions are always around exercising more, eating healthier, and losing weight. For different results this year, it is important to note that your health journey is important and now more than ever in Nigeria, you need a solid and consistent health plan. Rather than a rigid set of rules, explore flexible plans tailored to your own needs and goals.  In this blog post, we explore 20 different practical ways you can create a sustainable health plan all through the year.

15 Do’s for a Healthier You in 2024

15 Do's for a Successful 2024 Health Plan

1. Set Realistic and Achievable Goals in 2024

A key element of your 2024 health plan is setting goals that are both realistic and achievable. The phrase “2024 health plan” emphasizes the specificity of this year, urging you to consider what you can realistically accomplish within this timeframe. For example, instead of your goal being to move 10,000 steps daily, try moving 2,000 steps daily and increase as you go. Stop aiming for drastic changes and start focusing on small, incremental steps.

2. Prioritize Your Mental Health

In your 2024 health plan, make mental health a priority. Acknowledge the challenges of daily life and recognize the importance of mental well-being. Incorporate activities that bring joy and relaxation, such as mindfulness practices, into your routine. It’s also important to have a mental health specialist within your reach for when you need support.

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3. Embrace Telemedicine

One of the prominent trends for 2024 is the integration of telemedicine into health plans. Your 2024 health plan should leverage the benefits of virtual healthcare services for convenient access to medical professionals. This year, make it a priority to explore telemedicine options, emphasizing its role in enhancing accessibility, reducing costs, and promoting regular health check-ins.

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4. Incorporate Regular Exercise into Your Routine

No 2024 health plan is complete without a focus on physical activity. Your regular exercise can be as simple as incorporating daily walks in your routine, home workouts, or joining a fitness class. Find an exercise routine that aligns with your interests and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

5. Be Mindful of Nutrition Choices

Pay close attention to your nutritional choices this year but instead of restrictive diets, consider adopting mindful eating habits. Rather than cut off your favorite foods from your diet, consider portioning. Stay in tune with your hunger cues, and stop eating when you are full. Stay hydrated and be mindful of processed foods.

6. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is a fundamental aspect of any health plan. Regular hydration supports overall well-being, aids digestion, and helps maintain energy levels. Adequate hydration plays a crucial role in supporting various bodily functions and can have a profound impact on your physical and mental health.

7. Prioritize Regular Checkups

As part of your 2024 health plan, prioritize regular health check-ups. Schedule routine appointments and screenings to monitor your health proactively. Regular checkups can help in catching abnormalities and correcting them as soon as possible. It is very important for early detection, preventive care, and monitoring of chronic illnesses.

8. Prioritize Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is a non-negotiable element of your 2024 health plan. Recognize the impact of sufficient rest on your physical and mental well-being. Develop a consistent sleep schedule, create a conducive sleep environment, and practice relaxation techniques to enhance the quality of your sleep.

9. Build a Support System

Your 2024 health plan should include building a strong support system. Share your health goals with friends or family members who can provide encouragement and accountability. If needed, you can team up with friends or family members with similar goals.

10. Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Signals

Your body communicates its needs, and ignoring these signals can be detrimental. If you feel fatigued or experience pain, don’t dismiss these signals. Consult with healthcare professionals for proper guidance in adjusting your health plan accordingly.

12. Don’t Rely Solely on Supplements

Supplements can be beneficial but don’t rely solely on them this year. Prioritize whole foods to ensure you get a wide range of nutrients, considering supplements as supplementary that they are, rather than primary.

13. Master Time Management

Time management is important in achieving your health goals for 2024, efficient time management can also significantly reduce stress. Prioritize tasks, set realistic deadlines, and avoid overcommitting. Incorporate time management techniques into your plans to create a more balanced and less stressful daily schedule.

14. Seek Professional Support

If stress becomes overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional support. A therapist or counselor can provide coping strategies tailored to your specific needs.

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15. Limit Exposure to Stressors

Identify and limit exposure to sources of stress where possible. Whether it’s adjusting your work environment, setting digital boundaries, or reassessing commitments, your 2024 health plan should include steps to minimize unnecessary stressors.

In conclusion, a successful 2024 health plan should encompass a holistic approach to well-being, addressing physical and mental aspects with practical and achievable strategies. Prioritize realistic goals, emphasizing small, incremental changes over drastic shifts while leveraging and exploring available health resources such as HealthConnect247, to access licensed healthcare professionals.


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