International Women’s Day 2024: Healthconnect24/7’s Commitment to Diversity and Equality 

Promise Adebayo

Since its inception, Healthconnect24/7 has remained steadfast in its commitment to fostering a culture of equality and inclusion.  

As the world commemorates this year’s International Women’s Day, themed, “Inspire Inclusion,” Christiana Ademola, the People Operations Coordinator, and Bukola Dawodu, the Head of Operations, share deeper insights into Healthconnect24/7’s approach to inclusion.  

Christiana, let’s talk about how long you have worked at healthconnect24/7 and what you think about its commitment to gender inclusivity?  

Christiana: I have worked with health connect for 5 months now and the gender inclusivity here is very encouraging. The company has put in the work across various fronts like hiring and promotions to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot. And I’m excited to make these processes even better.  

That sounds fantastic! Does this mean that Healthconnect24/7 has gender parity in its workforce? 

Christiana: Currently, our team reflects gender parity, with women constituting 51% of our workforce. This includes roles in management and STEM fields, which are crucial for bringing diverse perspectives and skills to the table. 

That’s great to hear! Bukola, with your five-year journey at Healthconnect24/7, do you think the company is diverse enough? 

Bukola: Absolutely! Healthconnect24/7 is all about inclusion, not just in recruitment but also in our day-to-day operations. We’re big on having women at the table, driving innovation, and shaping decisions. Everyone’s voice matters here, regardless of gender. Over the years, I’ve seen a concerted effort to not only hire a diverse workforce but also to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. 

Great! Christiana, could you share some of the initiatives the company has in place to promote inclusion, especially during the hiring process? 

Christiana: For sure! Healthconnect24/7 has rolled out several initiatives to ensure fairness right from the get-go. We closely monitor diversity metrics at every stage of recruitment, prioritize equitable representation in candidate shortlisting, and ensure gender-diverse hiring panels to mitigate biases. Additionally, regular assessments are conducted to address any disparities and uphold our commitment to diversity. 

Those initiatives are truly commendable! Bukola, beyond hiring, how does Healthconnect24/7 foster an inclusive environment for its employees? 

Bukola: At Healthconnect24/7, we have an open-door policy for employees to raise concerns, effective policies to address harassment and discrimination, and opportunities for professional growth regardless of gender. Moreover, having women in leadership positions plays a crucial role in setting a tone of inclusivity and empowerment. 

Thank you both for sharing these insights! We also have Dapo Tejuoso, the director of healthconnect24/7, here to share his perspective on inclusion. Dapo, can you share the reasons why Healthconnect247 is big on inclusion and diversity? 


Dapo: I recognize the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in our success. Embracing a spectrum of perspectives and experiences enhances innovation, improves patient care, and fosters a more resilient, dynamic organization. We are committed to ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of our society, creating a more inclusive and effective telemedicine platform for all Nigerians.” 



Now we know that Healthconnect24/7 not only creates a vibrant and supportive work environment, but it also paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.  As we celebrate Women’s Day and reflect on the progress made towards gender equality, we are also striving to build a world where every individual is valued and empowered, regardless of their gender or background.  

Happy Women’s Day!  


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