Day: June 17, 2020

Father and Daughter Taking Covid-19 precautionary method

Safety Practices to Follow in the Face of COVID-19 Relaxation

Yes, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed, day by day. That isn't to say everyone should drop the safety and hygiene habits imbibed already. Have you noticed many people no longer put on face masks? Or use hand sanitizers at intervals? That practice isn't

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African lady with natural glowing skin

Your Guide to Achieving Glowing Skin Naturally

In the search for constant beauty and glowing skin, many persons race to supplements for help. No doubt, these nutrients can be okay. But it is usually effective when they are combined with great nutritional choices. If you have a severe body condition such

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Man with Acne - health connect 24x7

Why You Should Allow a Doctor Treat Your Acne

The idea of self-medication even for ‘small’ health issues as acne can lead to complications. People prescribe doses of antibiotics and other powerful drugs to themselves and others without worrying about consulting a licensed and qualified doctor.  Today, self-medication has increased many health issues

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