Safety Practices to Follow in the Face of COVID-19 Relaxation


Yes, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed, day by day. That isn’t to say everyone should drop the safety and hygiene habits imbibed already. Have you noticed many people no longer put on face masks? Or use hand sanitizers at intervals? That practice isn’t safe. Rather, it is important to maintain the recommended safety tips to help wrestle the pandemic.

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, through the lockdown and now the partial relaxation, we’ve learnt not to take little things such as going out or hanging with friends for granted.

Even though the country is reopening gradually, stepping out of the house is not as safe as we imagine it to be. There is still some level of risk of exposure to the pandemic and other infections.

You might argue that there’s little to nothing you can do about the risk of being exposed, but there are steps to take to minimize the risk of contracting the infection and taking it to your home.

If you have to step out of your home, maybe to head to work, shop for groceries, take a stroll for a bit of fresh air.

Practices to Follow in the Face of COVID-19 Relaxation

1. Take off your shoes at the door.

The gradual reopening of the economy does not mean the coronavirus is gone. Once, you’re home, the first thing to do is keep your shoes and other items you got home with outside. Use disinfecting wipes to clean them all up before taking them back into the house.

Wash your face mask after each use.

COVID-19 or not, always assume that your face mask has been exposed to infections whenever you are away from home. Ensure you wash your face mask after each use. Put it in a laundry basket when you get home. If you are using a surgical mask, the recommendation is that you leave it to disinfect for at least, 72 hours before reusing.


3. Use Telemedicine to Consult with a Doctor if You Feel Ill.

The safest place to get quality healthcare during this period is on your phone. You can consult with licensed and qualified medical doctors via video or call through an App or a dedicated phone line. By using telemedicine to access healthcare, you reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 when you visit the hospital or being wrongfully diagnosed for Covid-19. Thinking of how to start? Health Connect 24×7 is Nigeria’s number one telemedicine provider; we offer unlimited medical consultations, toll-free number to speak with a doctor, 24/7 availability and much more. You can get started with our monthly plan at N1,000/month or discounted plan at N4,800/year.


4. Disinfect your phone, keys and other items.

Always remember to thoroughly disinfect all the items you took with you. Good disinfectants should be at least 60 to 70 per cent alcohol-based or even higher.


5. Keep your clothes in the wash.

Like your face mask, make sure you do not repeat clothes without washing them. If you can’t wash immediately, a great practice is to bag them separately until you are ready to run the laundry.  


6. Shower immediately.

To keep all forms of infections away, it is best to bath each time you return home. This will ensure your body is completely disinfected. At the very least, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


7. Exchange pleasantries verbally.

Avoid hugging or shaking hands with your loved ones once you are home or with anyone on your way home. Inform your kids, especially, they shouldn’t come for a hug immediately. Exchange pleasantries verbally with one another until you have properly disinfected yourself and other belongings you arrived with.


These are some practices you and your loved ones should follow when coming back home during this period.

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