5 Benefits of Telemedicine in Nigeria.


Telemedicine is an innovative way of getting access and delivering health care using digital devices such as the mobile device and computers. Patients can easily speak with a doctor via video call and voice call.

Telemedicine in Nigeria has gotten a larger acceptance due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which has led to Nigerians seeking for access to health care without having to visit the hospital and risk contracting disease at while on transit or at the facility.

When was the last time you went to the hospital? Remember the hours you had to wait in line just to pay the registration fee and how much time you had to wait to see a doctor for your consultation.

Remember the crowd in the place, or how distressed you were feeling?

Telemedicine has come to bring a stop to that. We have listed some of the numerous benefits of Telemedicine in Nigeria.

Benefits of Telemedicine in Nigeria

  1. Increase access to care.
  2. Reduction of cost.
  3. Improves delivery of care.
  4. Reduces infection spread.
  5. Convenience.
Telemedicine in Nigeria - Lady Accessing care through the laptop.

1. Increases access to care.

Telemedicine bypasses the distance and time you would need to have lost before you get a consultation from a licensed doctor. This can be used no matter the distance and at whatever time you need it.

Some people usually have to clear the day out when they want to visit the hospital because they know they would spend the whole day there for just 15 minutes of consultation.

However, with telemedicine, one does not need to clear ones calendar just for consultation. All the person has to do is to call.

2. Reduction of cost.

Telemedicine helps you save cost.

From cost of transport to the hospital to consultation and many more Telemedicine curbs out this cost. You can speak with a doctor from the comfort of your home, workplace or from anywhere in the world.

Study shows that there is up to 30% savings from healthcare cost when using telemedicine.

Telemedicine from the office - in Nigeria.

3. Improves delivery of care.

Many experts agree that Telemedicine is the future of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Telemedicine makes it easier for doctors to deliver care to their patients because of the improved access.

Patients and doctors can easily connect via video or voice call. Doctors also do appropriate follow up at the time.

With telemedicine, patients are relaxed during consultation, and they would be able to tell the doctor their symptoms which would help improve the care given by the doctor to the patient.

Health Connect 24×7 doctors always place a follow-up call on patients, depending on the nature of the illness/condition to ensure he/she is responding well to the medications prescribed and in great health.

4. Reduces Infection spread.

With Telemedicine the crowd presenting at the hospital for care and reduces patient contact with each other which in turn helps to curb the spread of infection, most especially for patients with reduced immunity.

5. Convenience

Telemedicine enables one to call from wherever the person is. Whether you are still in bed or at work. No need to leave the house or go through endless traffic to get access to a doctor. It is the most convenient way to have consultation.

With these few benefits stated, it is obvious that telemedicine is the best way for people with non-emergency cases to get quality, affordable and accessible health care to all Nigerians no matter the place or time.

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