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Father and Daughter Taking Covid-19 precautionary method

Safety Practices to Follow in the Face of COVID-19 Relaxation

Yes, the COVID-19 lockdown is being relaxed, day by day. That isn't to say everyone should drop the safety and hygiene habits imbibed already. Have you noticed many people no longer put on face masks? Or use hand sanitizers at intervals? That practice isn't

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Got a worrisome rash, malaria, typhoid, diabetes, etc.? You can still see our doctor if you can't leave home during the coronavirus outbreak by using Telemedicine. WHO and U.S. public health officials are pushing people to try Telemedicine for primary health cases like bacterial

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Nigeria Confirms First Case of Coronavirus: Everything You Need To know About The Disease

The Nigerian Ministry of Health just confirmed the first case of the Coronavirus in Sub-Saharan Africa. An Italian citizen, working in Nigeria who just returned to Lagos from Milan on February 25th, is the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Nigeria. "The patient is clinically stable,

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